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RUOK? Day Is Coming Up

Whilst any day can be RUOK? Day, the formal day when it is highlighted is 8 September 2022.

Before asking a colleague “RUOK?”, ask yourself:

  • Are you in a good headspace?
  • Are you willing to genuinely listen?
  • Can you give as much time as needed?
  • Are you the best person to have the conversation? It can be difficult for some people to reveal to their line manager that they are struggling. If you are not the right person for them to feel comfortable with, is there someone else in their support network that you can encourage to reach out to them?
Be Prepared
Realise you won’t have all of the answers, that’s okay. Listening is one of the most important things that you can do. It is important to understand that talking about personal challenges can be difficult. Some people become emotional, defensive, embarrassed or upset.

Research what appropriate supports may be available to support people if they need additional support within your school, system or wider community.

Pick Your Moment
Timing and location should be carefully considered. Choose somewhere private and informal so that they feel safe. Make sure you both have enough time. If they can’t talk then and there, suggest another time. They may feel more comfortable if you sitt or walk side-by-side rather than directly facing each other.

Source RUOK? Workplace Champions Guide