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What is OPTIMAL Leadership?

The key role of leaders in schools is to optimise their school. Successful leaders achieve this by utilising ALL available resources to maximise the benefit for their students.

However, we don’t start with a clean slate and an unlimited budget. We have to work with what we’ve got and work towards what we want.

As a leader, there are always competing demands on your time and you often feel pulled in different directions. Optimal Leadership is about where do you need to spend your time?

Leading OR Managing
Operational OR Strategic
Student OR Staff centred
Warm OR Demanding
Consistency OR Creativity

Optimal leadership requires the 'Goldilocks' approach!

In the classic fairy tale, Goldilocks found one bowl of porridge to be too cold and another too hot. She found one bed was too small and another was too big. In each scenario the ‘sweet spot was somewhere in between.

Optimal Leadership is NOT a matter of choosing one or the other but doing BOTH and getting the balance 「Just right」 to optimise your school.