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What is Your Moonshot Project?

Google defines a moonshot project as one that addresses a huge problem, proposes a radical solution and uses breakthrough technology. A moonshot project aims for a 10X improvement over what currently exists rather than an incremental 10% improvement.

What if school leaders were encouraged to identify their “moonshot”?
Start by listing your top 10 changes you would make to improve student learning if you weren’t afraid and there were no restrictions.

Here are my Top 10 changes I would make to improve student learning if I wasn’t afraid and there were no restrictions

  1. Mastery learning principles (especially for literacy and numeracy) – learn at your own pace then demonstrate you have mastered the skill before progressing on
  2. No lock step progression by age
  3. Student driven projects
  4. Amazing, inviting and exciting learning environments
  5. Infinite options of things to learn, when you want, at your pace (eg artistic, musical, practical and sporting skills)
  6. Staff who are passionate and excited about what they are doing
  7. School open 18 hours per day
  8. Healthy food and drink always available
  9. Choose between learning alone or with others
  10. Help at hand when you want it