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What Are Your THREE Rocks For 2018?

It is vital that leadership teams get on the same page and have crystal clear clarity about what the THREE BIG rocks are for their school in 2018.

Teamwork guru Patrick Lencioni describes the four obsessions that extraordinary leadership teams pursue relentlessly:-

  • Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team
  • Create organisational clarity – identity, values, mission, major goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities
  • Over-communicate organizational clarity – especially your identity and direction
  • Reinforce organisational clarity through human systems – be cohesive, be clear, over-communicate and reinforce

 “If everything is important, then nothing is.” Lencioni

I am a firm believer that you can ONLY successfully make an impact in a maximum of THREE areas in a year. Getting clarity about your THREE major goals or priorities for 2018 and having your leadership team all on the same page is an excellent place to start.