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Take On The Praise Challenge

Yes, I know you have a lot to do, especially at this time of the year. It is at these times of the year, when people are running low on reserves that they say (and do) dumb things.

To counter this and contribute to a more positive environment around the school, I challenge you to take on the Praise Challenge. Each day for the next week, find three people to praise and thank for their work in and around the school.

The best praise is immediate and specific. That means you need to be out and about, noticing things. Sending emails and leaving notes only count for half a point! Be real, make it personal and make eye contact.

You’ll be amazed at the uplifting impact a few well-chosen words can have.

PS If you find it difficult to keep count, try putting 3 paper clips in your RIGHT pocket and transfer one across to your LEFT pocket, each time you give a person praise.