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Role Clarity is Vital in School Leadership

Being absolutely clear about your role is essential, especially for school leaders.

Middle leader roles in many schools have changed considerably in recent years.

It’s really important that each leader is crystal clear on what the key aspects of their role are and what outcomes they are responsible for.

Position descriptions are often so generic and all-encompassing they don’t necessarily help. They often fail to provide CLARITY about what each leader is responsible for.

This clarity is essential in ensuring that leaders utilise their time where it matters most. Is each leader spending their time doing the actual work they are responsible for?

The 3 essential aspects for Crystal Clear Roles are:

Mission – Why do we have this role in our school? What is the MISSION of this role? What should they be trying to achieve?

Outcomes – What outcomes should be evident as a result of the work of the leader in this particular role? What needs to get done and what impact will it have? Ideally there should be 5 to 8 outcomes of the role being successfully undertaken. These outcomes should then be ranked in order of importance. Ranking the outcomes encourages prioritising where time is spent.

Competencies – What skill set is required for the leader to be successful in delivering these outcomes. It is assumed that the person in the role has these skills. Consideration should also be given to the cultural fit required to be successful in that particular school. They might have an impressive skill set and resume but if they don’t fit in with the culture at the school they will have limited positive impact.

If the position becomes vacant the competencies identified should be used to recruit the right candidate.

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