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Reinstating Respect For the Teaching Profession

In my opinion, sadly, respect for the teaching profession has significantly declined in the past two decades. Times have certainly changed. I am sure you will have seen the cartoon that depicts a student from 20 years ago who got in trouble at school also getting reprimanded by their parents when they got home. The subsequent cartoon depicting students of today getting in trouble and the parents responding by challenging the teacher’s behaviour.

This attitude is evident in lawnmower parents who constantly clear the path for their child rather than partnering with the school.

I recently finished reading tennis great Andre Agassi’s autobiography “Open” (not a bad read). In the closing chapter Agassi talks with pride about the charter school he opened in Los Angeles. His favourite feature of the school is the Code of Respect that begins each day.

The essence of good discipline is respect.
Respect for authority and respect for others.
Respect for self and respect for rules.
It is an attitude that begins at home, is reinforced at school, and is applied throughout life.This really resonated with me.