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Optimistic Leadership Is Essential in Challenging Times

Clearly it is tough working in schools. Staff shortages, tight budget, student and staff well-being and mental health are massive issues that make the work of leaders more important than ever.

Leaders set the tone in a school through their attitude and their actions. It is important to resist the temptation to ‘pile on’ to the negative messages. As difficult as it is, staff need leaders to be calm, supportive and optimistic.

It is important that we convey confidence that we can get through this despite the challenges we are facing. Abraham Lincoln is accredited with using the phrase, “This too will pass!” to convey optimism that everything is temporary and that nothing lasts forever.

Similar messages of optimism are evident in this year’s series of Happy School posters.
This year’s collection of winning posters are currently being printed and packed and will be on the way to schools next week.

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