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12 Habits of Remarkably Joyful People (including School Leaders)

According to the amazing Amanda Gore’s “Wired For Joy” program, there are 12 habits that remarkably joyful people exhibit. I think these are particularly relevant for school leaders in the vital roles they play.How many of these behaviours are evident in your day to day interactions?
  • They are grateful for everything.
  • They are reverent and honour others.
  • They are full of hope and optimisim.
  • They have compassion and choose to be kind.
  • They forgive themselves and others.
  • They are generous with their spirit and can receive graciously.
  • They laugh lots – especially at themselves.
  • They listen for the feelings behind the words.
  • They feel good about themselves and can give and receive love.
  • They choose to be cheerfully enthusiastic, no matter what.
  • They are full of energy and vitality.
  • And most importantly – they feel deep inner peace inside.
I love any opportunity to work with the amazing Amanda Gore – her energy and humour are awesome and she certainly lives her message. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I’d highly recommend it. Amanda is the guest author of one of the forthcoming Happy School articles in March, “Putting the Heart and Fun Back into Work”. Look out for it!