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10 Signs Your School Culture Is Awesome From a Staff Perspective

  1. The staffroom is abuzz during breaks and most staff conversations are about learning and how we can make things EVEN better!
  2. The vast majority of staff speak proudly of their school and would have their own children enrolled (if age and geographically appropriate)
  3. Staff go above and beyond the call of duty without complaining, feeling resentful or keeping score
  4. Staff are forgiving of leaders when things don’t go perfectly
  5. Great staff want to stay and aren’t looking for other careers
  6. Leaders are highly visible, know people’s names and troubleshoot seemlessly
  7. Staff always feel supported and know school leaders have their backs
  8. Parents and visitors to the school are greeted by all staff they cross paths with
  9. The morning vibe is positive and energetic as opposed to cynical and apathetic
  10. Parental complaints are about minor irritations rather than significant issues

Author Dennis Sparks presents 9 ways you know a school culture is in trouble.

You know a school culture is in trouble when…

  1. Truly honest conversations are most likely to happen in parking lots.
  2. The only honest things people say in meetings are complaints.
  3. Leaders don’t show up for meetings as promised, or show up late and/or leave early.
  4. Cynicism triumphs over healthy skepticim.
  5. “Authorities” of all sorts — from the principal to the district office to consultants — are reflexively distrusted and dismissed.
  6. “Good enough” could be the school’s mission statement.
  7. Being “crazy busy” is a sufficient reason for not doing what you said you would do.
  8. After just a few years new teachers begin to sound and act like grizzled veterans who are deeply entrenched in their ways.
  9. Educators feel more professionally connected to followers on Twitter they have never personally met than to year-level, department or PLC colleagues with whom they share students and common purposes.

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